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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All about sexual health

Referring to this web http://www.nst.com.my/Current_News/NST/articles/20100330135030/Article/index_html

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  1. Based on the article in the newspaper above, we know that Professor Dr Azhar Zain says people need to know all about sexual health in relation to their age. I completely disagree with his suggestion. This is because, when we talk about sex, it is not nice to hear about that. According to the older people, sex is one of the sensitivity matters to discuss with other people especially for Malay community. It is look weird when we see people talk about it in front of the many people especially when we heard young people such as student below 18 talks about sex.
    Personally I think subject for sex are not suitable to be teaching in the school. For me, student that age average 12 until 18 are not all matured yet, so they cannot accept this subject easily. They will become shock. For me, their thinking is not get ready to accept and learn about sex now.
    Besides, as we know nowadays we can get all the information that we want to know with access the internet including about the sexual. Student can easily get to know about this matter with search it in the internet without ask their parent or teacher permission. This phenomenon occurs because we cannot control them all the time and to stop the internet from give us the information are impossible at all. All in all, without introduce sex subject to them; they will know about it by themselves with search the internet.
    On the other hand, student or teenagers at this age will have a high curious. After they know all about sexual, naturally they want to try and practice it. They want to know and get an experience. This matter should not be occurred. As we know prevent is better than cured. So we need to think and find the strategy to avoid this matter from occurred. This is because the number of juvenile cases in our country will become higher and this is not good for us.
    As a conclusion, introduce and organize a workshop about sex to student is totally not suitable and not reasonable, it also give more bad influence to them than good influence. So, for me, they will get to know about sexual health one day when they are really matured and can think properly what sexual health is exactly.



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